For our second slipper Saturday, we have Taylor Davies of Shut Up I Love that Shirt on You. Taylor was one of the first fashion bloggers to discover our new slippers last year and we love her sense of style. I’m also partial to her mid-week music moment:

What is the first thing you do when you step out of bed?  

Naturally I slip on my JL leopard-print Inslee flats and head to the kitchen to make a little french press coffee.

Favorite Saturday morning indulgence?

A croissant (or two) from Balthazar.

New York Times crossword puzzle or New York Post Page Six?  

Definitely the crossword puzzle, I’m a words girl. I may not get too far, but I love the challenge.

Dream brunch guest?

Brunch is best with good friends, so that’s who I’d always want. Plus a continuous flow of champagne to keep the conversation lively.

Sweet or savory for brunch?

Savory, always savory! Give me eggs, bacon and hash-browns, please!

Share your favorite weekend morning recipe with us! (if you have one) –

Haha, I am not a very good cook, but this is my go-to: Toast an English muffin and top it with cream cheese, a fried egg and slices of avocado - and bacon if you want to #treatyoself.